Policy Questions

The Once team is ready to help you think through the timeline, personnel, space, and scheduling questions that your schools must answer to implement the Once program.


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How many schools?

How many students in each school?

Minimum ratio of 1 instructor to 10 students (15 minutes of 1:1 instruction per student)

What grade(s)?

Pre-K / K: Tier I or intervention; Gr. 1, 2 intervention.

How will they be selected?

If by diagnostic, when is diagnostic administered?


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What are their current roles?

Any role other than lead classroom teacher is fine.

How many hours a day will be dedicated to Once?

At least 3 hours so they can see at least 10 students (with time for transitions between them).

What will they do during the other hours?

What responsibilities did they have previously that they are giving up?

It is critical that we are explicit about these trade-offs.

Will someone else be covering that responsibility for them now?

Will they get pulled for other roles (ie. substitute teaching)?

They should be protected from substitute teaching.

Who manages them day to day? Who will be the Once point of contact?

Not the principal.

Do they have experience teaching reading?

They do not need experience teaching reading.


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Does the schedule allow students to receive 5 days of instruction/week?

Should students be pulled for Once at the same time every day? If so, will the student miss the same subject every day?

Consider the daily classroom schedule.


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Where should instruction take place?

Somewhere quiet, could be back of classroom.

Assessment / Research

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What benchmark assessment does the district use (BOY, EOY)

Who, if anyone, will be conducting research?

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