Since Once is a scripted program, no special certification or prior knowledge is needed to be successful. In fact, any adult can deliver Once! The only requirement is that they can commit to delivering the program five days a week for at least 3 hours per day for the full school year. School employees in a variety of roles (other than lead classroom teachers) can provide instruction as part of Once instead of other tasks they might have been performing during that time.

Some examples are:

  • classroom aids or teacher assistants or paraprofessionals who dedicate 3 or more hours daily to Once

  • instructors who pull students full-time throughout the day

  • half-time employees who work 4 hours per day and tutor ~16 students a day

  • lunch aids or playground supervisors pulling students in hallways before and after lunch

  • SPED or ELL teacher using certain scheduled blocks to pull students each day

  • specials teachers with extra free periods

  • volunteers who are in the building 5 days per week

  • college students who are getting course credit hours

  • members of the administration team (principal, vice principal, instructional coaches, parent coordinators, behavior interventionists, office staff) can take parts of their day to instruct students and get a chance to connect with students, teachers, and the school community.

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