Learning Data

High-fidelity implementations of Once can enable students to read at a mid-first or second-grade level by the end of kindergarten.

Frequent collection and analysis of learning data is critical for Once to support districts in high-fidelity implementations.

  • Each day, we track each student's session attendance and progress in that session. This data is available in real time to school and district administrators, and it lets us predict each student's expected progress by the end of the year. Learn more in Data Portal Overview. It also guides us in providing feedback to schools on whether their Once instructors have sufficient time scheduled to provide the Once program.

  • Each week, we use our video recordings of instructional sessions to assess students' oral-reading fluency "behind the scenes". In a typical elementary classroom, a classroom teacher can spend up to a month at three times each year administering these types of assessments to each student. At Once, we measure that data weekly and can use it to drive immediate changes to a student's course of instruction.

  • Each week, we also use video recordings of instructional sessions to allow Once coaches to provide specific, targeted instructional feedback to instructors to help them best deliver Once.

  • Three times each year, we help schools and districts align their internal oral-reading fluency benchmark data to Once data to ensure that all students are learning to their potential.

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