Instructor Training Overview

The initial training program is designed for school support staff who will deliver instruction to students as part of Once. The training consists of two 3-hour segments, the first would be for all of the instructors who will use Once across your district and all of the points-of-contact at each school that will be using Once. This would be an audience of dozens of people, so, if possible, we’d love to use one of your auditoriums or cafeterias for this session. The second session would be for the instructors and the point-of-contact at each school in particular. We would schedule those with each school separately, and go there to practice with those smaller groups, to make sure that everyone is well prepared, to help problem-solve any school-specific issues, and to answer all of their questions.

The objectives of the instructor-training meeting are to:

  • Provide context on Once’s vision and methodology.

  • Prepare instructors to teach reading.

  • Train instructors on the minimal technical requirements for operating Once.

  • Allow instructors to practice the initial instructional content they will deliver.

  • Schedule weekly coaching sessions.

  • Allow instructors to ask questions and receive personalized feedback.

  • Introduce the Once data portal and resource center.

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