Data Filtering

Filtering by School Year, Grade, Network, School, and Date Range

The filters you see at the top of the portal allow you to filter all of the data that you see in the portal according to the options provided.

If you click the “x” next to any of the filters it will remove that filter. For example, in the screenshot above, data will be presented on all grade levels. If you want to see data on all schools in the district click the “x” next to the school so that you will no longer be filtering by school.

After you set filters, you will see contextual information on the left hand side of the screen. This information helps you validate that you are looking at data on the correct students. For example, if you know that there are more than 10 students receiving Once at Ravenclaw, perhaps you are looking at data from the wrong year or the wrong grade level.

Date Range Picker

⚠️ The default range in the date range picker (pictured below) will show you all data in the current school year up to the current date. At first this might be unexpected since the date range appears to begin in the previous school year, but the school year picker at the top of the Portal filters out all data from the previous school year if it is set to current school year.

You can set a narrower range if you prefer, to better understand metrics from the last week, two weeks, month, or any custom date range you choose.

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