Data Portal Overview

The Once Data Portal is intended to give every Once user the actionable information they need to optimize Once instruction in their school and help their students maximize reading growth. Users will typically ask:

  • How is student progress changing over the course of the year?

  • How do INPUTS (session execution, coaching meetings, cycles per session, average minutes per session) vary by school and instructor and how do they correlate with OUTPUTS (expected progress by the end of the year).

  • If not as many sessions are occurring as I would expect, is that due to instructor or student absences from school, which are harder to control, or the fact that an instructor is being pulled to do alternate duties, which might be easier to remedy.

  • Why is a particular student making more or less progress than I would expect? Is the student attending sessions regularly and if not, why not?

Most importantly, we’re always learning from you. If you’re trying to answer a question that you can’t answer with data in the Data Portal, please contact Once so that we can improve the portal.

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