Online Materials


In order to provide Once instruction, each day an instructor and a student sit in front of a laptop computer. The instructional materials are on the screen. The student focuses on the left portion of the screen, the student pane. The instructor focuses on the right portion of the screen, the instructor pane, where the instructor can see the complete script.

There are 200 cycles in the Once curriculum. We call each lesson a cycle because all of the instructional content is carefully spiraled. Each student moves through Once at that student's own pace. On average, kindergarteners complete a little less than one cycle per session. If they receive 140 sessions in the school year (~80% of school days), students will be well beyond Cycle 100 and well above grade level in reading.

Visual guide

The two illustrations below, "Overview" and "Detailed" explain how to use the online materials. For complete example cycles, please see the section below.


Each cycle is divided into 5-10 tasks covering sound introduction and review, segmenting, blending, rhyming, word reading, non-phonetic words, story reading, finger tracking, and writing. Below are three example cycles.

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