District administrators

District Implementation Kickoff

Once personnel meet with district stakeholders to discuss best practices for beginning a successful Year-1 Implementation.

The objectives of the implementation planning meeting are to

  1. Introduce points of contact, why they were put in charge of Once implementation, how central Once is to their role, their scope of decision-making authority.

  2. Determine whether and what constraints district wants to put on school-based decision-making on who, when and where of Once.

  3. Outline a plan for how principals will learn about Once and get started planning for Once at their school.

  4. Outline a plan for when instructors will get trained on Once.


  1. Introductions: roles and responsibilities

  2. District questions

  3. District design guidance to schools

    1. Who

    2. When

    3. Where

  4. Principal communication plan

    1. What do principals already know about Once?

    2. How do we want to roll out to them?

  5. Instructor training plan

  6. District project plan

  7. Next steps

Monthly and Quarterly Meetings

Review project plan, set goals and compare goals to actuals, troubleshoot blockers to consistent Once instruction, and make any necessary changes to the implementation.

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