School administrators

Once School Overview

  1. Learn about school

  2. Present Once vision and implementation guidance

  3. Answer questions

School Implementation Kickoff

Once personnel meet with school stakeholders to discuss best practices for beginning a successful Year-1 Implementation.

The objectives of the implementation planning meeting are to

  1. Learn about school

    1. Grade levels, classrooms, number of students, staffing models, class size

  2. Learn about principal / POC

    1. How long in district, how long at school?

    2. Priorities, how Once fits in

    3. Decision making authority

  3. Answer questions about Once

  4. Design implementation

  5. Design communications / roll-out


  1. Introductions: roles and responsibilities

  2. Implementation design

    1. Who will be providing instruction?

    2. When will they be providing it?

    3. Where will they be providing it?

  3. Communications / Roll-out

  4. Next steps and timeline

    1. How and when will we communicate with instructors

    2. Schedule training

  5. How and when will we communicate with instructors

Monthly and Quarterly Meetings

Review project plan, set goals and compare goals to actuals, troubleshoot blockers to consistent Once instruction, and make any necessary changes to the implementation.

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